How to add links to any file type in the media library (pdf, doc, mp3)

The add media button in your text editor allows you insert images and video. But what if you want to add a link to a different kind of media link a PDF, audio file, or word document?

To add links to other kind of media you need to do the following:

  1. Add the media to the media library
  2. Copy the link of the uploaded file
  3. Edit the page that you want to add the link to
  4. Decide where you want to attach your link to (cover photo, image caption, text, etc.)
  5. Click the attach link button within the text editor

Display Banner on Mobile instead of Hero Video

As an administrator using the Full HTML editor add the following styles to the page along with the path to the Hero Video and the Tagline. You may need to unhide those two fields in Basic Page form display settings.



Which News Updates appear on the front page?

As pictured below, there are only two news updates that appear on the homepage. How do you get a news update to show up on the front page? Which two news updates will appear? 


How to unpublish content

Say you want to unpublish a piece of content that someone else originally authored. If you just go straight to the piece of content and click unpublish, you may find out that you no longer have the edit operation available to you on the content overview page. This is by design. Only the author should be able to publish a piece of content. You wouldn't want someone else publishing your content that you're still working on, would you?


How to center an Image

How do you center an image?

  1. Click "Add Content" in the Additional Content section
  2. Within that new section, add an image through the "Insert Media from Library" button
  3. In the css field put the word centered

Note that all of the contents of that one section will be centered. The title will be centered as well.