Text Editor

How to use the drupal text editor

How to add links to any file type in the media library (pdf, doc, mp3)

The add media button in your text editor allows you insert images and video. But what if you want to add a link to a different kind of media link a PDF, audio file, or word document?

To add links to other kind of media you need to do the following:

  1. Add the media to the media library
  2. Copy the link of the uploaded file
  3. Edit the page that you want to add the link to
  4. Decide where you want to attach your link to (cover photo, image caption, text, etc.)
  5. Click the attach link button within the text editor
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How to center text

There are multiple ways to accomplish any task in drupal. Including text formating. Here are 4 ways to center text (or any other content) starting with the simplest method.

Method 1

Highlight a paragraph and click the text align center button

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Method 2

Select the "center" style. For titles, select the "H3 Center" style

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Method 3

Select "Add Content" from the Additional Content section and add word "centered" to the css class field

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Method 4

Go into the source view and add class="centered" to all of the tags you want to center.

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How to view block formatting and source html tags

Webpages are made up of html markup. If you click the source button you will see these html elements enclosed in <> characters. All html elements have an opening and closing tag. Notice that the closing tag has a forward slash in it.

Here is what the source of a paragraph element looks like.

<p>This paragraph has an opening and closing tag </p>

After clicking the source button you will see these common tags.

<p>paragraph text</p>
<h2>Title of Page</h2>
<h3>Smaller Title</h3>
<h6>Smallest Header</h6>
<li>List Item<li>
<ul><li>Unordered List</li></ul>
<ol><li>Ordered List</li></ol>

The source button looks like this:

source button


This is how the elements actually appear.

paragraph text

Title of Page

Smaller Title

Smallest Header
  • Unordered List
  • List item
  • Last list item
  1. Ordered List
  2. List item
  3. Last list item

To view the html blocks, click the show blocks button that looks like this: 
show block button
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How to add an orange dotted line

  1. Type two sections of text
  2. Highlight the section you would like to have the orange dotted line above
  3. Select "Dotted" from the Styles dropdown

Note that you can only have one style selected on any block of text. That means if you select the "H3 Center" style, you can't also select the dotted section for that block of text.

Two Paragraphs with Dotted Separator

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