News Update

Create News Update with External Link

To create a News Update with an external link you will need the following:

  1. An external link that you want to share
  2. A title for your News Update
  3. An image you're allowed to use under 1MB in size - please respect copyright!


What are the fields of a News Update?

The following video explores each of the fields that make up a News Update. This is a general overview of the fields and the editor interface. Filling out the Body and Additional Content sections will be explained in greater detail in later tutorials.


Internal vs. External News Updates

The following is an explanation of the difference between an internal and an external news update. From this tutorial forward, I will refer to news updates using those terms. 

The key distinction is where the user is directed when they click on the news update. Are they directed to an internal page or an external site? 

Where do News Updates appear on the site?

They appear in three places, differently in each place.

  1. There is a block of 2 News Updates at the bottom of every Basic Page including the homepage
  2. There is a block of 2 News Updates on an individual's employee profile
  3. There is a block of up to 12 News Updates on the /all-news-updates page